Mining Group

Azure Mining

Our company was founded in Ankara with the aim of promoting safe, dynamic, and environmentally friendly mining practices in Turkey and around the world. We operate in 13 fields across seven regions of Turkey, where we conduct copper, lead, and zinc mining and exploration activities.

Terra Drilling

Our company was established in 2022 to meet the needs of the drilling and mining industry and its search for alternatives. Our founding purpose is to provide professional, high-quality, economical, innovative and transparent service to the sector while adding innovation. Our personnel have worked at all levels of leading companies in the sector in drilling operations and have more than 15 years of operational experience. Our company offers mineral exploration, geotechnical and environmental services, large-scale water well drilling, and engineering services with a focus on employer satisfaction. Our primary goals are to provide professional, high-quality, innovative, effective, and sustainable practices and methods that prioritize human, environmental, occupational safety, and worker health while maintaining cost-effectiveness.